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GS13 Hose joiner
Hose joiner, 13mm (1/2”) non-conductive   247701 ..
N765847-A Gasket
Gasket, 300mm OD    765847 ..
N765885-A Gasket
Gasket, 266mm OD    765885 ..
G246000-A Vibration mount
Vibration mount   246000 ..
N152237-A Anti-vibration mount
Anti-vibration mount, M6, c/w nuts & spring washers   152237 ..
N170695-A Switch boot
Switch boot, Versa control   170695 ..
GS10 Hose joiner
Hose joiner, 10mm (3/8”) non-conductive     247699 ..
G251658-A Vibration mount
Vibration mount   251658 ..