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Gun parts

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G358207-A Nozzle
Fan spray nozzle, oval slot, PG   358207 ..
N302101-A Nozzle
Nozzle, flat spray, 2.5mm, Sure Coat manual gun    3 02101 ..
N1031738-A Nozzle
Conical spray nozzle, Sure Coat automatic gun   1031738 ..
N147877-A Nozzle castle cut
Nozzle, castle cut c/w o-ring, Versa spray gun   147877 ..
N134380-A Nozzle kit
Nozzle kit, flat 2.5mm, Versa spray gun   134380 ..
N1010561-A Electrode holder
Holder, Electrode, M4, Sure Coat automatic gun   1010561 ..
N1106071-A Electrode holder
Holder, Electrode, M3, Encore 1106071 ..
G318744-A Nozzle
Fan spray nozzle, PG   318744 ..
N141045-A Nozzle
Nozzle, flat 4.0mm c/w o-ring, Versa spray gun   141045 ..
SM-11093572 Electrode support
Electrode support, heavy duty, Sure Coat automatic gun   1093572   1010752 ..
G1007683-A Electrode
Electrode holder NF20, NF21, NF24  1007683 ..
G362670-A Hose connector
Hose connector c/w o-ring, PG2-AX   362670 ..
N302103-A Nozzle
Nozzle, flat spray, 4.0mm, Sure Coat manual gun   302103 ..
N142109 Cable
Cable, Versa Spray automatic, 16.0m   142109 ..
N1005028-A Nozzle nut
Nozzle nut, Sure Coat automatic gun   1005028 ..
N134384-A Nozzle
Nozzle, flat 2.5mm c/w o-ring, Versa spray gun   134384 ..