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Venturi & insert sleeves

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1635016 Venturi
Venturi, Teflon ID 5.4mm high flow c/w o-ring   225548   344259 ..
G1006485-A Insert sleeve
Insert sleeve, Teflon, with two location notches for extended use   1006485 ..
1635016-A Venturi
Venturi, Teflon ID 5.4mm high flow machined seals. Note: O-rings are not required with this v..
G1006485-K Insert sleeve
Insert sleeve, Teflon   1006485 ..
G336467-A Insert sleeve
Insert sleeve   336467 ..
1635017 Venturi
Venturi, Teflon ID 4.8mm low flow c/w o-ring   225549   225261 ..
G344338-A Hose connector
Hose connector, Tefcel   344338 ..
000150 Transfer venturi
Transfer venturi, Teflon c/w o-ring   244642 ..
G354201-A Hose connector
Hose connector, Teflon   354201 ..
000100 Venturi
Venturi, Teflon ID 6.2mm, high flow   249504 ..
G377724-A Insert sleeve
Insert sleeve, Teflon   377724 ..
N307437-A Transfer venturi
Transfer venturi, Tivar c/w o-rings   307437 ..
000101 Venturi
Venturi, Teflon ID 4.8mm, low flow   109101 ..
N635001-A Venturi
Venturi, Tribo 2 Teflon ID 4.7mm c/w o-rings   635001 ..
000101-T Venturi
Venturi, Tivar ID 4.8mm, low flow   114219 ..
N1003912-A Venturi
Inline venturi c/w o-rings   1003912 ..