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Nordson OEM Spares

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N1106076 Electrode assembly
Electrode assembly, Encore    1106076 ..
N1010725 Nut
Hose connector nut, Sure Coat automatic   1010725 ..
N132345 Tube bracket
Tube bracket, Versa manual   132345 ..
N1013982 Extension
Extension Tribo purge, threaded   1013982 ..
N132348 Wear sleeve
Wear sleeve, conical, Versa spray gun   132348 ..
N224733 Air nozzle
Air atomising nozzle, modular feed pump   224733 ..
N249233 Deflector
Deflector, 38mm   249233 ..
N288537 Pivot screw
Pivot screw, Sure Coat manual gun   288537 ..
N288545 Tube bracket
Tube bracket, Sure Coat manual   288545 ..
N327706 Nut
Nut, multiplier outlet, Sure Coat automatic gun   327706 ..
N1002739 Adaptor
Adaptor, powder inlet, long barrel for Sure Coat manual gun   1002739 ..
N327979 Gasket
Gasket, multiplier, Sure Coat automatic gun   327979 ..
N142109 Cable
Cable, Versa Spray automatic, 16.0m   142109 ..
N631287 Powder tube
Powder tube, Tribo   631287 ..
N168448 Cable
Cable, Versa Spray automatic, 12.0m   168448   ..
N1006352 Contact
Contact, multiplier, Sure Coat automatic gun    1006352 ..