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Gema Aftermarket Spares

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G331325-A Deflector
Deflector 32mm   331325 ..
G1007934-A Nozzle
Fan spray nozzle NF20  1007934 ..
P8.0X6.0RD Air tube
Air tube 8mm OD, red, per metre   103500 ..
G362670-A Hose connector
Hose connector c/w o-ring, PG2-AX   362670 ..
G246000-A Vibration mount
Vibration mount   246000 ..
G331333-A Deflector
Deflector 24mm   331333 ..
G1008147-A Nozzle
Fan spray nozzle NF24  1008147 ..
P8.0X5.5AS Air tube
Air tube 8mm OD, black, antistatic, per metre  103756 ..
G377724-A Insert sleeve
Insert sleeve, Teflon   377724 ..
G261203-A Non-return valve
Non-return valve, supplementary air, Black   261203 ..
G351717-A Nozzle assembly
Round spray nozzle assembly, PG   351717 ..
G331341-A Deflector
Deflector 16mm   331341 ..
G1008151-A Nozzle
Round spray nozzle NS04  1008151 ..
G200840-A Quick release coupling
Quick release coupling, 6mm   200840 ..
G378518-A Nozzle
Round spray nozzle, Opti, Easy   378518 ..
G261211-A Non-return valve
Non-return valve, conveying air, Red   261211 ..